The agreement of the council of ministers of 5 september 2023


Agreement declares "area affected severely by an emergency civil protection in the territory affected" due to a variety of forest fires, floods and other phenomena in a different nature developments between 20 august 2002 and on 8 june 2023, in the regions of andalusia, aragon, Asturias, canary islands, castile and león, Castilla-La Stain, Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia, Illes Balears, Murcia region of Comunidad Foral de Navarra and Basque Country, as well as the city of Ceuta.

In order to alleviate the damage and damage produced, in accordance with article 24 of act no. 17/2015, of 9 july, and other legal provisions and regulations, shall be taken the measures referred to in paragraphs below.

Fourth. Damage to municipal infrastructure and provincial road network and island level.

The projects directly related to the events referred to in paragraph 1 of this agreement implemented by municipalities, cabildos and island councils, county councils or the autonomous communities uniprovinciales, the regions and communities and towns and villages in dealing with the activities of reparation or restitution of infrastructure, equipment or installations and services in municipal ownership including article 25.2 of the law 7/1985 of 2 april, regulatory Bases del régimen Local, and the road network in the county councils, of cabildos and island councils or, if any, of the autonomous communities uniprovinciales, be applied the processing of urgency, fulfilling the requirements of article 119 of law 9/2017, of 8 november, on public Sector contracts, which transpose the spanish legal system the directives of the european parliament and council 2014/23/eu and 2014/24/eu, of 26 february 2014, and they may grant a subvention of up to 50 per cent of its cost, excluded from this assistance work carried out its own means personified not of the local entity, whether materials, machinery or staff.


  • Resolution of 22 march 2024the secretariat of state for Territorial Policy, which approves the convening of the recovery of damage to municipal infrastructure and road network, provincial and island under The Agreement of the council of ministers of 5 september 2023, which declares Area seriously affected by an emergency civil protection in the territory affected as a result of various episodes of forest fires. Published inextract BOEagenda 25-3-2024.
  • Requests, a result, be formulated in the executing agencies of projects within the scope of application of the official announcementsince the 9:00 hours a day after this announcement in the official state gazette until 15:00 hours on 25 april 2024It is mandatory is should complete and submit electronically, through the computer application "AURA - subsidies in the event of natural disasters EELL", accessible from theELECTRONICthe ministry of Territorial policy and Democratic Memory https :// Procedures - subsidies), select the section devoted to this call. This requires that the legal representatives of such entities meet the technical requirements specified in the above-mentioned application.


You can download anoterelevant for the preparation of requests and the procedure to continue to aid.


To access in the AURAELECTRONICuser shall be included as activeAutentic@. The mayors and qualified automatically have The Ultimate user whether in the database of mayors and councillors, or in the register integrated local government officials with national empowerment

In order to create other users of the local entity itself or manage their permits to AURA, deberá acceder a Deal with the representative of the local authority (Legal Certificate), and follow the instructions of the accessibility guide present at the seat.


Before incidents Aura availableformat headquarters.


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