Integrated map tracing of missing persons

In accordance with article 17 of theLaw 20/2022, of 19 october, from Democratic Memorythe General state administration will provide a integrated map of location of missing persons comprising all spanish territory, which would incorporate the data submitted by the various public administrations concerned.

Mapping and geographic focus will be updated periodically and shall be public. The areas on the location maps of remains will be the subject of a special preservation in the terms established in the regulations and in accordance with applicable rules. The Whole, cartography and geo-referencing geolocation carried out under this act shall be effected in the official rerencia geodetic in spain.

The first version of the map of virtual graves was presented in may 2011 by the ministry of justice with data from the different autonomous communities, as well as associations, foundations or entities involved in recovery of historical memory.

Since the year 2021 the ministry of the presidency is working to update the map in partnership with several Autonomous communities. In a first pilot phase has included the communities of Aragón, Asturias and the canaries. Throughout the year 2022 have joined the previous group castile-La Mancha, castile and león, Euskadi, Extremadura, Balearic Islands and navarre.

Currently, therefore, it is possible that the map provide partial results and/or temporary in nature. For any incident we invite interested persons to contact this

To complement this integrated map of location of missing persons, we share aguide of maps by Autonomous Communityit offers access to the grave maps elaborated and/or promoted by the autonomous governments of the autonomous communities.

Opening of public information for identification of victims of War in spain.

Opening of public information (International Armed Guards tracker). Access to public information concerning the tracing activities of international armed guards, allegedly inhumados plot cadastral reference 1150602vk4185a0001hm, located on Avenida de Montecarmelo Number 12, in the district of Fuencarral, in the municipality of Madrid.

Further Information,

Form of mass graves. Access to information from sites and victims through a search form by different criteria. The lists of results allows access to detailed information of the pit and victims buried in it, as well as the location of the same inside the map.

Integrated map of location of graves. Access to information from sites through a geographical map of Spain. They are symbols of different colors depending on the type of statement made on the same and allows you to display information at different levels of zoom. From the map is possible to access detailed information of the pit

Form of victimsIt was in a form of victims through a form with different criteria. The lists of figures reflect the different entities that offer information about such victims