Organization chart

The Royal Decree 507/2021, of July 10th, modifying the Royal Decree 2/2020, of January 12nd, reestructuring ministerial departments, creates the Ministry of Territorial Policy as the department responsible for the proposal and implementation of government policy in the area of territorial policy, territorial organization of the State and relations with the autonomous communities and the entities of the local administration.

Through Royal Decree 531/2021, of 10 julyin accordance with the provisions of articles 62.e) and 100 of the constitution, and on the proposal of the president of the government, was appointed Minister of Territorial policy to doña Isabel Rodríguez García.

According toRoyal Decree 683/2021, of August 3rd, developing the basic organic structure of the Ministry of Territorial Policy, the following higher and directive bodies are attached to the Ministry of Territorial Policy:

Secretariat-General of Territorial Coordination