National Committee of Local Administration (CNAL)

National Commission for Local Administrations encourages collaboration between the State General Administration and local entities.

This Commission is structured in a plenary and two subcommittees: Subcommittee of Cooperation with Local Administrations and Economic, Financial and Tax Regulations Subcommittee.

The plenary and subcommittees holds meetings at least twice a year.

This Committee is empowered to:

  1. Issue reports on the following cases:
    • a. Draft bills of administrative laws and regulations about matters connected to local entities within Spain Central Government`s powers.
    • b. Criteria for debt transactions authorizations to local entities
    • c. When the Council of Ministers implements art 61 of the Law 7/1985 April 2th Basic or Fundamental Regulation for Local Entities, the commission issues a report previously.
  2. Makes suggestions to Spain Government on Local administrations matters. Especially on the ones listed below:
    • a. Attribution and delegation of competences to Local Entities.
    • b. Distribution of state subsidies, credits and economic transfers to Local Entities.
    • c. Competences and revenues sharing of Local Entities Treasuries in State´s taxes.
    • d. Forecasts on State Administration´s budget relevant to local authorities.