National Commission of Local Administration (CNAL)

The National Commission of Local government is the permanent body for collaboration between the General State Administration and the local administration.

The National Commission of Local government is structured into the following bodies: the Plenary and two Subcommissions (the Subcommission on Cooperation with the Local Administration and the Subcommission on the Economic, Financial and Fiscal Support).

Both the Plenary and the subcommissions shall meet at least twice a year.

The Commission is in charge of:

  1. Issuing reports in the following circumstances:
    • Draft bills and draft administrative arrangements within the competences of the State regarding the local administration.
    • Criteria for authorising debt operations of local entities.
    • Preliminary reports when the Council of Ministers decides to apply article 61 of Law 7/1985, of 2 April, on the regulations of the Basis of Local Regime.
  2. To make proposals and suggestions to the Government regarding local administration and, in particular, on:
    • Attribution and delegation of powers in favour of local entities.
    • Distribution of subsidies, loans and transfers from the sSate to the Local administration.
    • Participation of local finance administrations in national taxes.
    • Estimations of the General State Budget regarding local entities.