Directorate of Territorial policy and Democratic Memory

It is up to the directorate of Territorial policy and Democratic Memory perform the functions enumerated in article 63 of law 40/2015, of 1 october, from The Legal Regime of the public Sector, and leadership, momentum and monitoring of the governing bodies of the units directly under and the bodies attached.

As a steering body directly dependent on the person who, the incumbent of the directorate of Territorial policy and Democratic Memory the representation of the Ministry, the leadership, momentum and overall coordination of the common services of the department, the exercise of jurisdiction for these common services, as well as assistance to the holder of the department in the elaboration and adoption of the plans of action of the department and public bodies attached.

Deputy minister for Territorial policy and Democratic Memory: Berta Pérez Hernández

The Technical Office:Pedro Gutiérrez Crespo

Dependent governing bodies:

  • Technical Secretariat-General:María González Fernández
  • Sub-Department of Economic and management: César Mantecón Granell
  • Subdirección General de Recursos Humanos e Inspección de Servicios: Begoña Muelas Escamilla
  • Sub-department Oficialía Greater: Miguel Ángel Sánchez Castro
  • Division of Information technologies: Victoria Figueroa Domínguez

Seconded bodies:

  • State practice in the department: Antonio Panizo García
  • Delegated intervention: Inmaculada Soto Peña