In accordance with article 16Law 20/2022, of 19 october, from Democratic Memoryup to the administration of the State the search for missing persons during the war and dictatorship, without prejudice to the competence of other public administrations related to such activity.

These tasks should be carried out gradually and will build on location maps of disappeared persons. For its development, the ministry of the presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Heritage, through the secretariat of state of Memory, develop Democratic plans to search, localization, exhumation and identification of the same.

This plan will be made public on this site remain the exhumation of annual data, which shall include the number of registered motions, the number of sites and remains of persons located, as well as the number of surveys without positive result.

The fact-finding activities, the location and identification of missing persons during the war or political repression and whose whereabouts are unknown, carried out by the victims or those entities that include the development of such activities among its purpose could count on the cooperation of the public authorities in the framework of public policy in the search for missing persons and established planning, through the mechanisms of financing and aid to be established.