It presents a compilation of rules relating to the democratic heritage, including the law itself of Historical Memory as well as legislation of the autonomous communities.

State policy


Acknowledgement and restitution

  • Royal decree 1791/2008on the acknowledgement and restitution for those who suffered persecution or violence during the Civil war and dictatorship
  • Order of the ministry of the presidency PRE/2894/2009of 4 december, which provides for the publication of the Statement of appreciation to members of the armed forces in the transition to democracy with special reference to the Military Union Démocratique (UMD)


Access to books deaths

Withdrawal of franco ’ s symbols

  • Order of 6/11/2008which publishes the agreement of the council of ministers by issuing instructions for the withdrawal of franco ’ s symbols in the assets of the General state administration and public agency dependent
  • Order of 19/2/2009creates and regulates the technical committee of experts for the valuation of the circumstances of the uniqueness in the withdrawal of symbols

Restitution of seized documents

  • Real Decreto 2134/2008of 26 december, which regulates the procedure for the restitution of seized documents on the occasion of the Civil war

Pensions and compensation



Tribute to the victims

  • Resolution of 29 april 2019the under-secretary for justice, which publishes the agreement of the council of ministers of 26 april 2019, on the establishment of the day of tribute to the spanish deported and killed in Mauthausen Camp and in other fields and to all victims of nazism of Spain

The autonomous legislation




The balearic islands

The canary islands


Castilla-La Stain

Castile and León

Generalitat of Catalonia



La Rioja


The Basque Country