IMI and data protection

The system has been developed IMI since its inception applying principles of 'privacy since the design' to ensure adequate treatment of the personal data and overall security. Making this suitability, in 2018 theelection of IMI by the European supervisorand the agencies of data protection from the chosen EEMM IMI as a tool for cooperation between them required in general rules of data protection.

Documents and links below provide information both to citizens (whose data are covered in the system) as users of the system itself (whose data are necessarily registered in IMI), concerning data protection.

According to information from the Spanish Agency of data protection (AEPD) should be added to point 5 of these guidelines ('What information I provide stakeholders?') in its second paragraph, the following two points:

Establish procedures for the exercise of these rights.

Inform the national coordinators of IMI exceptions or limitations on the exercise of these rights in accordance with the Organic Law 15 / 1999 of 13 deiciembre, of protection of Personal data and its normaliva of development.