For whom is IMI?

The system IMI this exclusively to public authorities of member states and is not accessible to citizens and businesses.

Citizens and businesses have other channels for information and / or complain in connection with matters of European level (in the sectionlinksyou can see some of them).

Public authorities calls to participate in the system are all those who come obliged to cooperate with their counterparts in Europa as a result of internal market legislation, and more specifically, those rules, often regulations and directives, for which is approved the use of the system IMI (you can consult the updated listhere).

Both state authorities, as autonomous and local may participate in the system IMI. The level of aggregation to participating may vary widely, for example a general direction, an office, a service, etc. The goal is to engage those units and people who really are active in the application of the law. These are units and people who will be more or less routine in cases of transboundary character, displacement, etc. that lead to the need to contact the state authorities' concerned '(company or individual) to exchange consultations and information.

Both for the registration of new authorities, and for the subsequent attention to your needs, there is also a set of coordinators to lend their support.