Documentation on the system IMI

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For users Starter Kit

Key documents for any user of IMI.

  • Informative brochureIt must have: If someone why does The IMI, who should participate and to what this brochure strictly informative might be helpful. Illustrate in a very short time the raison d'être of IMI system.
  • A brief guide for decision: basic reference for system users IMI in Spain. The user guide prepared by the commission is much more extensive (comes in many unnecessary details for users of the authorities end) while this guide focuses on what is really the scope of authorities involved in IMI. It also offers a tailored to the structure and operation of IMI in Spain.

Detailed manuals and documentation

Other manuals and technical documentation on the system IMI (remember that you can also go to the documentation page IMI web of the commission).

Specifically on each Field met

  • Click here to access the section with information on each legislative area covered by IMI. For each area you can find: questionnaires, description of the specific procedures and workflows, list of subjects of the area, recommendations, legal texts, web links among others useful instruments for users of IMI.