Autonomous Estado-Comunidades cooperation

Autonomous Estado-Comunidades cooperation

The intersections of competence and accountability in the different areas of administrative activity at different levels politicians leads to complex situations that require the conclusion and the agreement between the state and the Autonomous Communities. To meet this reality, instruments of cooperation aim to ensure consistency of decentralized system, avoid duplication or overlapping of functions carried out and ensure efficient use of the human and material resources of the different administrations.

Conference of presidents

The Conference of presidents is the maximum political body of cooperation between the state and the Autonomous Communities. Are part of the Government president who presides, and the presidents of the seventeen Autonomous Communities and cities in Ceuta and Melilla.

Multilateral Cooperation or sectoral

Multilateral cooperation is starring the state and all of the autonomous communities. The most characteristic are sectoral conferences, which are organs of cooperation relating to a specific sector of public activity. Are composed of the incumbent competent Department and by all councillors Autonomous governments responsible for the same area.

Collaboration Agreements

Cooperation agreements are agreements between the state administration and one or several Autonomous communities Are an instrument of cooperation and widely used in the Autonomous Status for the freedom of contract feature of this figure, which attaches particular suitability and flexibility to address specific situations that require the agreement between the state and Autonomous Community.

The state financial cooperation

The State's financial cooperation for the development of actions that competencialmente correspond to the Autonomous Communities account with a regulation, basically procedural and provided for in Article 86 of the General law Budgetary. Through this procedure the state provides financial resources for the realization of autonomous policies.

Bilateral Cooperation Commissions

Bodies are bilateral cooperation, composed of representatives of states and one Autonomous Community for the treatment of general issues of content or specific.