Oecd activities related to the regional and Local Policies


TheOrganization for cooperation and economic developmentis an international organization of intergovernmental character which includes 37 member countries.

Its objective lies in the analysis of economic and social development, as well as all sectoral policies influencing the same.

The extent of their field of action affects the powers of all levels of government of member states, so that in Spain their studies and analyses have not only relevance to the state, but also for the autonomous communities and local entities.

Committees in which it participates the ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

Public governance committee (PGC)

TheCommitteeis responsible for establishing and run the program of public governance affected by subjects regulatory management, human resources, conflict of interest and public integrity.

Committee of Regional development policies (RDPC)

TheCommittee of Regional development policy (RDPC)was created in 1999 with the objective of identifying the nature of the challenges territorial and helping governments assess and improve their policies territorial. Through its current mandate, the committee aims to serve as a major international forum for that those responsible for formulating policies of high level identify, examine, develop and disseminate a vision of regional development policy based on the location, the level, the sector and the evidence and innovation.

In the meetings of the RDPC participates the ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function through a representation of the General Secretariat of Coordination Territorial.

The RDPC, moreover, has three working groups:

· Working group on development policies in Urban Areas (WPURB), assisted by a person in representation of the aforementioned General Secretariat point Territorial;

· Working group on Territorial Indicators (WPTI), assisted by a person representing the national statistical institute;

· Working group on development policies in Rural Areas (WPRUR), assisted by a person representing the ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food.