Institutional organization of CCAA

According to the Spanish constitutional system, the organization of institutions and the system of self-government of each community corresponds to the Autonomous community itself. Its basic political institutions are planned and regulated in the statutes of autonomy. These initial forecasts had subsequently been developed through the adoption by the various Legislative assemblies of the corresponding organisational laws.

In general, the Autonomous Communities organize their administrative structures modelled on the state, so that the basic organizational structures are advice or departments and the general directions.

La normativa referenced below is adopted at the beginning of each Term or adopted in general, not including partial modifications, which must be given that the administrative structures often experience subsequent modifications.

Autonomous Community

Law of government

Structure of California


ANDALUCÍALaw 6 / 2006Structure
ARAGÓNLegislative Decree 2 / 2001Structure
ASTURIAS8 / 1991 LawStructure
CANARIANLaw 1 / 1983Structure
CANTABRIALaw 5 / 2018Structure
CASTILLA-LA STAINLaw 11 / 2003Structure
LEÓN CATILLANO ANDAct 3 / 2001Structure
CATALUÑALaw 13 / 2008Structure
VALENCIA VLaw 5 / 1983Structure
EXTREMADURA1 / 2002 LawStructure
GALICIALaw 1 / 1983Structure
ILLES BALEARSLaw 1 / 2019Structure
THE RIOJA8 / 2003 LawStructure
MADRIDLaw 1 / 1983Structure
MURCIA6 / 2004 LawStructure
NAVARRELaw Foral 14 / 2004Structure
BASQUE COUNTRIESLaw 7 / 1981Structure



Law 6 / 2006 of 24 October, the government of the Autonomous Community Andalucian marvel

Detail of thegovernance structure






Castilla la Mancha

Castilla y León