Responsibility for breach of the law of UE

The Royal Decree 515 / 2013, 5 July, develops a general procedure of determination and impact of the responsibilities of the defaults to the right of the European Union. The existence of this procedure is a great novelty in the Spanish legal system, since so far only regulations were scattered and sectoral character in areas such as the management of funds, among others.

Additional provision three of the royal decree determines that “the ministry of finance and public administrations, increase annually to the council of ministers a report, which will be public, on communications acts, sentences, or decisions of the European institutions for penalizing the kingdom of Spain for breach of law of the union Europa, proceedings, the resolved and the status of implementation of decisions rendered under this Royal Decree ”.

Thus, the report 2014 is the first of the reports produced by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations as stipulated in additional provision three of the Royal Decree 515 / 2013, 5 July.