The exercise of the right to data protection

The treatment of data provided voluntarily by stakeholders in any proceeding managed by the ministry of Territorial policy, as well as the legal obligation to conduct, the public interest or exercise of public authorities, will be directed solely and exclusively for the satisfaction of the purposes of the appropriate procedure.

Pursuant to General Rules on data protection (articles 12 and following), and the organic law of personal data protection and guarantee of the digital rights (articles 12 and following), the assignor of the data may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment, portability and opposition.

In the exercise of the above-mentioned rights by stakeholders are as follows:

  • Turn directly to the person responsible for treatment, i.e. the physical or legal person who determines the ends and means of treatment (article 4 of the RGPD), through the electronic site Territorial Policy, or in person, through the network of aid for search (https ://
  • The delegate of protection of Data on all matters relating to the processing of personal data and the exercise of their rights (article 38.4 the RGPD), whose functions is to monitor the implementation of the data protection rules.
  • Make use of mediation mechanisms, procedures killings and other procedures for conflict resolution, under article 40 of the RGPD, to resolve disputes arising in the treatment.
  • File a complaint to the spanish data protection (AEPD), de acuerdo con lo señalado en el artículo 77 del RGPD. C/ Jorge Juan, 6. 28001. Madrid

Before a complaint made to the AEPD against an official or responsible for treatment, the person concerned may apply to the delegate of data protection (article 37.1 of LOPDGDD).


These rights may be exercised directly or through a representative and its exercise is free of charge.

When the application is manifestly unfounded or excessive (for example, if they are repetitive nature) responsible for the treatment may charge a canon proportional to the administrative costs incurred or refuse to act.

Requests for stakeholders must be answered within one month, although this period may be extended for two more months depending on the complexity and number of applications.

The person responsible for treatment is obliged to inform stakeholders about available means to exercise their rights. These means must be easily accessible to the person concerned, and cannot be refused at the same right solely by reason of having chosen by other means

Si la solicitud se presenta por medios electrónicos, la información deberá facilitarse por esos mismos medios cuando sea posible, salvo que el interesado solicite que se realice de otro modo.

Si el responsable no da curso a la solicitud presentada, deberá informar, en el plazo máximo de un mes, de las razones de su no actuación y de la posibilidad de reclamar ante una autoridad de control.

May be responsible to whom the request by the responsible, if both have been firmly established in the contract or legal act, linked.

Right of access

Right of Correction

Right to delete

The right to limitation of treatment

Right to portability

Right of refusal