In spain IMI structure

Final authorities IMI are the main players and rationale for the system. But to be registered in the system attend IMI coordinators. The coordinators IMI play an essential work by both to ensure the construction, training and maintenance of the network of authorities. But also provide these coordinators guide and guidance to the authorities before cases requiring greater specialisation, as divergent views with other states, treatment of alerts, etc.

In each of the member states is compulsory siemopre figure of a national coordinator (NOVA, National IMI Coordinator), but is generally accompanied by other coordinators delegates.

In the case of Spain coordinators appointed 'theme' for each directive or legislative area since the General administration of the state, and coordinators' enabled global for all directives by each CCAA and towns with autonomy statute.

The structure in Spain combinala division ’ and ‘ theme to regional. Thus, the NOVA is a pure coordinator of the system, without competition or criterion on matters falling within each directive, mainly in charge of dialogue with Committee and the implementation, development and correct functioning of the system, ensuring the construction and maintenance of the network IMI Spain and advocating and training.

In the surroundings of the General administration of the state, the NOVA is accompanied by delegates coordinators for each directive or legislative area, which are ‘ national reference 'in their respective fields.

In the area of the autonomous administration, each Autonomous Community and city with autonomy statute has appointed a coordinator 'regional' (19 in total) which coordinates IMI activity in its geographical space for all fields, recording the authorities necessary. Regional and local authorities can be linked with the coordinators delegates from the state administration and consult if necessary.