Economic aspects of partnerships

Is usually identify the financing conditioned with the set of resources provided to the autonomous communities to be applied to a specific purpose. Most of these resources are not included in the Autonomous communities of common regime refers, within the current funding model.
Although there are other resources that can be classed as conditional funding, it is composed mainly three sets of resources:
  • Those from the funds of European Union.
  • Those who are reflected in the Territorial compensation funds (FCI).
  • Those who are channelled through grants from the state, either through collaboration agreements, either via contratos-programa.
Within the first group includes various community input, either directly or through the General administration of the state, receive the autonomous communities for the development of different policies pursued by the European commission, among which: agricultural policy and cohesion.
As a result of art 158 CE, has developed in Spain a regional policy of national, closely linked with definitions and objectives of cohesion policy of Community origin. The main tool of regional policy statewide Spain, next to the System of incentives Regional, is given by the Territorial Compensation funds, realization of the principle of solidarity interregional.
Finally highlights a third group of resources that derive from the different collaboration tools inter-administrativa existing in our state Communities. This group comprises all input, under a different name, have its foundation on the principle of collaboration between Administrations. Thus, includes subsidies that the General administration of the state transfers annually to the autonomous communities, as well as the collaboration agreements and contratos-programa signed between the two administrations.
This is a significant body of resources, both in terms of quantity as its meaning in a decentralised state like ours, based on collaboration between administrations. With these three instruments are financed shared objectives of both the General administration of the state and the Autonomous Communities, being articulated through agreements made at sectoral conferences or in the terms contained in the conventions or contratos-programa.
Cover a wide variety of purposes, ranging from actions of an economic - through the capital strength – to performances of social protection and promotion, passing through the production of public goods preferential such as health, education and culture.