Digital transformation and Modernization of local entities

Investment 3 will boost digital transformation and modernization of local entities (EELL), aimed at improving both the processes and administrative procedures as digital skills and resources, in order to improve care for citizenship and actively contribute to the success of public policies to the great transformation of Spain. It is expected that local entities received a total of391,4 millions of euros, cuyo reparto se llevará a cabo a lo largo de los ejercicios presupuestarios 2021, 2022 y 2023.

Moreover, within the Investment 3 also funded projects implemented directly by scanning the MPT and that will contribute to the modernisation and improvement of the tools of territorial cooperation, including the creation of a digital platform of collaboration between the public, or improvement of management of aid to disasters.

With the implementation of these projects will contribute to the implementation of commitments with the european commission in the Implementation of the council and at the Operational Provisions that had been agreed on the milestones 167-169.

Calls for aid to transform EELL digital and modernization