Internal channel law 2/2023, ministry of Territorial policy

Law 2/2023, from 20 february, which regulates the protection of persons to report on violations policy and fight against corruption as an essential aim is also provision of adequate protection against reprisals which may suffer natural persons to report on violations. To that end, states that, in the area of the constituent entities of the public sector should have a System of internal information.

The Ministry of Territorial policy, committed in the fight against corruption, has established the following internal system of information:

Resolution of 12 june 2023, of the office, which implements the internal system of information, in the area of the ministry of Territorial policy

For the submission of information the ministry of Territorial policy provides a channel of information for those who have obtained information on violations, in the area of the proceedings of organs of the Ministry of Territorial policy.

This channel may, if desired, the submission of information without identification, ensuring the absence of retaliation of any kind by allegations that have been submitted in good faith, with the complainant by prima facie evidence in support of the same and excluded the referral of false or distorted, as well as those that have been obtained illegally.

The allegations were not used:

  • To make suggestions and complaints, proposals or other considerations. The complaints and suggestions can forwardhere.
  • To communicate conflict situations, not based or false.