Input to the administrative modernization projects local

This line of aid is regulated in Articles 20 and following of the royal decree 835 / 2003 of 27 June, which regulates economic cooperation of the state to investments of local entities.
Its objective is to cofinance implementing projects aimed at the modernization of local administration through the use of information technology with the aims:
to) the improvement of management services and care to the citizen.
(b) the simplification of procedures and its integration with state responsibility and autonomy.
(c) Instrumentally, improving infrastructures technological and accurate communications for the fulfilment of the purposes outlined above.

Notes features

  • Beneficiary entities

- Municipalities with a population of over 5,000 inhabitants.

- Municipalities with a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants, provided that the project affects a set of municipalities that exceed 5,000 inhabitants.

- County Councils, Assemblies, Island Councils and autonomous communities uniprovinciales, for their own projects or affecting a set of municipalities that exceed 5,000 inhabitants.

  • Amount of the grant

The grant you can reach up to 50% of the amount of the project.


Relation of subsidies ordered by budgetary period:

2006 Annuity

Law 30 / 2005, 29 December, pressupostos generals of the state for 2006.

Strength of 13.316.970,00 €.Connection subsidies.

2007 Annuity

Law 42 / 2006 of 28 December on general state Budgets for 2007.

Strength of 13.212.830,00 €.Connection subsidies.

2008 Annuity

Law 51 / 2007, dated 26 December), general state Budgets for 2008.

Strength of 13.212.830,00 €.Connection subsidies.

2009 Annuity

Act 2 / 2008, 23 December, general state Budgets for 2009.

Strength of 13.316.970,00 €.Connection subsidies.