Input to provincial plans and island

In the terms and for the purposes referred to in article 36.2 to) of Law 7 / 1985 of 2 April, regulating the Bases of Local government, county councils (or equivalent) approved annually a provincial plan of cooperation to works and services municipal competence, in which must participate municipalities of the province.

The planmay be financed withown means of the Provincial Office, municipal contributions "andgrantsagreed by the Autonomous Community andthe state from itsrespectivebudgets".

  • Objective of the grant

Collaborate in the strength and improving infrastructure, services and municipal equipment.

  • Beneficiaries

Provincial, councils and Island Councils and autonomous communities uniprovinciales.

  • Amounts

The grant of the state may reach:

- 50 Per 100, for the works and services mandatory numbered in Article 26 of Law 7 / 1985 of 2 April, regulatory Regime Bases Local, such as: sanitation, sewerage, paving, water, etc.

- 40 Per 100, for the remaining works and services which, without being mandatory, municipal competence, in accordance with Article 25 of the Law 7 / 1985 of 2 April, regulatory Regime Bases Local, such as: houses consistoriales, social centres, cultural facilities, etc.

- 50 Per 100, the amount of the budget allocated in the Plan, for improving and conservation of the road network ownership of the county councils.

The procentajes shown in the first two previous paragraphs may be increased until 60 and 50 percent, respectively, when the works and services are superordinate municipal character.

Territorial Distribution