Basque Country

The Bilateral Commission for Cooperation between the Administration of the State and the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country was set up on 29 June 1987.

It is made up of permanent members from each of the representations. Members of higher bodies will form part of the Commission as non-permanent members when they attend its meetings and other representatives depending on the issues to be dealt with.

Its functions are those provided for in the Operating Rules of 29 June 1987:

  • The promotion of the particular or sectorial processes of relationship between both Administrations and, in particular, with regard to the autonomous development, without prejudice to the competences of the Mixed Commission of Transfers.
  • Institutional coordination through the promotion of collaboration mechanisms in those material sectors where the activity of both Administrations may converge, and especially in matters related to the European Union, both in relation to the execution of Community law and in relation to the necessary cooperation for the formation of the will of the State before Community Institutions.
  • The adoption of preventive actions, in an attempt to avoid conflicts arising between the two Administrations, as well as the revision of those already proposed and the strengthening of dialogue, in the drafting phase, on provisions that may affect autonomous development.
  • The analysis and study of any matters of mutual interest that may arise.

Operating rules