Balearic Islands


The Bilateral Commission for Cooperation General Administration of the State-Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands was constituted on 10 January 1989.

Its composition varies according to the issues to be dealt with, although it has five permanent members from each of the representations. The presidency of the Commission corresponds to the State Administration and the Vice-presidency to the Autonomous Community. Each representation will be assisted by a Secretary.

Its functions are those provided for in the Operating Rules of 25 November 2005:

  • To examine, debate and, where appropriate, reach agreement on initiatives and issues that lack a multilateral body to deal with them.
  • To promote and specify, from a bilateral point of view, those instruments of collaboration that allow for joint initiatives of mutual interest to be carried out.
  • Analyse the transfers of functions and services to the Autonomous Community, either to propose solutions to the problems raised in those already agreed, or to establish the priority and schedule for the negotiation of new transfers.
  • To serve as a channel for preventive actions to avoid the formalization of competency controversies.
  • Examine and, where appropriate, agree on actions that allow positive conflicts of jurisdiction and appeals of unconstitutionality to be resolved out of court.
  • Analyze the rules with the rank of law, susceptible of giving rise to the filing of an appeal of unconstitutionality, in order to reach an agreement that avoids its interposition, as established in article 33.2 LOTC.

Operating rules