La Rioja

The Bilateral Commission for Cooperation Administration of the State-Autonomous Community of La Rioja was constituted on 28 July 1988.

It is made up of representatives of the State Administration and the Autonomous Community, without prejudice to the fact that the Commission may summon other authorities to its meetings depending on the issues to be dealt with.

The constitutive act of the Commission conceives this body as a forum or meeting point for both Administrations, and therefore, as an instrument for collaboration between them, in order to promote programmes and possible joint actions for the development of common policies in the different sectoral areas, and to serve as a channel for preventive actions in the attempt to avoid conflicts arising between both Administrations, and to arbitrate proposals for solutions to issues of interest to the aforementioned Administrations in matters within their competence.

To this end, the Commission may examine any matters that affect both parties, and in particular, those whose purpose is to avoid or attempt to resolve conflicts of competence by out-of-court means, as well as to design mechanisms for mutual collaboration in the different areas in which the activity of both Administrations may converge.

Operating rules