Undersecretariat of Territorial Policy

The Undersecretarariat of Territorial Policy is responsible for the functions specified in article 63 of Law 40/2015, of 1 October, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, and the leadership, promotion and monitoring of the directive bodies, the units directly dependent of the Undersecretary and the bodies attached to it.

As a steering body directly dependent on the Minister, the Undersecretary of Territorial Policy is in charge of the representation of the ministry, the leadership, promotion and overall coordination of the common services of the department, the competences of these common services, as well as the assistance to the Minister in the drafting and adoption of the action plans of the department and public bodies attached.

Undersecretary of Territorial Policy: Ignacio de Domingo Valenzuela

Technical Cabinet: Pedro Gutierrez Crespo

Directives bodies dependent of the Undersecretary:

  • Technical Secretariat-General:María González Fernández
  • Subdirectorate General of the Budget Office and Economic Management: César Mantecón Granell
  • Subdirectorate General of Human Resources and the Inspection of Services: Begoña Muelas Escamilla
  • Subdirectorate General of the Chief Clerk's Office: Miguel Ángel Sánchez Castro
  • Division of Information Technologies: Victoria Figueroa Dominguez

Attached bodies:

  • State Legal Service in the department: Antonio Panizo García
  • Delegated Comptroller: Mª Luisa Esteban Izquierdo