Legal note

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function owns the internet domino, . The Ministry´s head office is located in Paseo de la Castellana 328071 Madrid. Telephone: 912739000.

This legal notice describes the general conditions regulating the access and use of this website.

The use of this website implies explicit and full acceptance of the general conditions mentioned below. The valid version of the general conditions is the one published when the users access the website. Specific conditions apply to some contents or services of this webpage. The Secretary of State does not update or translate the content, information and services immediately mismatches and gaps may exist. We advise to review always the validity and accurately of this web page`s information, services and content.

General usage conditions of this Web Portal

The Secretary of State provides through this web page information and answers to questions submitted to its mailbox. These information and answers have an informative purpose in the terms described by Art 4 of the Royal Decree 208/1996; this information and answers have no legal binding effects.

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function goal is to improve the services and content of this web page. The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function to achieve this goal, reserve for itself the right to change, extend or suspend temporarily the presentation, configurations, technical specifications and services of this web site; unilaterally, in any given moment and without previous notification.

Links e Hyperlinks

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function´ webpage has hyperlinks pointing to websites or contents of third persons. Modifications on the Ministry´s web page may affect these hyperlinks. The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function is not responsible for the content, information or services in the website of third persons linked by these hyperlinks, it is not their owner and does not revise their content. The content of the linked websites have only informative nature.

The Ministry web page presents hyperlinks pointing to third persons or entities` web pages but it does not implies necessarily there are institutional relations between the Secretary of State and those persons or legal entities. The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function doesn´t authorizes these hyperlinks explicitly or implicitly, it does not reviews their content or assumes in any way the services offered or available in those web pages or content pointed by the hyperlinks located in its website. There will be no statements explicitly or implicitly expressing the above.

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function is not responsible in any way, does not guaranties the quality, accuracy, trustworthiness, moral rectitude of the contents, services located in the websites or linked by the hyperlinks situated in its webpage. Users are the only and exclusive responsible persons for the consequences, damages or actions originated by their access to the hyperlinked web pages or contents.


The webpage hosting the hyperlink won´t have content or information illicit, contrary to public morality or generally accepted costumes or rights of third persons.

Web Portal´s versions in other languages

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function translates its web portal in to diverse Spaniard official languages. These languages are official in different Spain territories as foreseen by Art 3 of Spain Constitution of 1978 and the Statutes of Autonomy of concrete Autonomous Communities (region). These languages are as follow: Catalonian, Euskera, Galician, and Valencian. The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function also translates the webpage to one foreign language, English.

The scope of the translations to the co-official languages is diverse. The Ministry excludes the Press section from these translations.

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function alerts there may be mismatches or time gabs between the Castilian version of the website and the versions in other languages. Their translation process causes this. The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function can´t ensures the accuracy and quality of all the translated content. The constant update of the website`s content is the reason behind this situation.

General conditions for the reuse of the Information

Binding General Conditions

The general conditions are always available in the following link These conditions are binding for any actor re-using content or document within the scope of this regulation based only in their re-use. The actors may be natural persons or legal entities reusing public sector information for commercial or non- commercial aims.

Re-use authorization and non- exclusive transfer of rights of intellectual property.

The general condition allows the reuse of documents for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Herein documents refer to those documents in the hands of the General Administration of the State´s bodies and in the hands of entities belonging to the States Public Sector. Article 1.2 from the Royal Decree 1495/2011 of 24 of October foresees these aspects. This Royal Decree develops Law 37/2007 of 16 of November on reuse of State Public Sector Information by natural persons and legal entities. These information or documents can be use for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The regulation takes into consideration uses of the information that are not administrative activities. The authorize reuse includes for example such activities as copy, distribution, adaptation, extraction, reorganization and combination or process of the information.

Art 2 of the Law 37/2007 of November 16 on the reuse of Public Sector Information defines the term document for this context. This concept embraces all information regardless its material or electronic format, its form of expression: image, graphical or sound. It comprehends raw data or the most desegregated levels of data.

The re-use authorization implies the free and non-exclusive transfer of intellectual property rights on the documents. It authorizes as well the following activities: reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation of the documents, in any modality, format, for the entire world and for long as it, the law allows it; if re-users to carry out the authorized re-use of documents or content need to perform these activities.

General Conditions for the reuse of the documents from the State Public Sector.

  1. The actor re-using the information can´t change their nature or meaning.
  2. The original document has to be mentioned. This mention may be done using this quote: “Data Source: Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function”
  3. The latest update date of the original documents needs to be cited if the original document expresses this date.
  4. It is forbidden declare, explicitly, implicitly or suggest the following idea; the Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function and owner of the original information takes part, finances or support the re-use of the documents.
  5. The available document for its re-use must preserve, not change or eliminate the meta-data on the update date and the re-use conditions.


Actors re-use data and information under their sole responsibility and risk. They are the only liable persons in cases the re-use of the information by third person causes damages.

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function is not responsible for actors re-using documents or information. It is not responsible for the consequences originated from their use of the re-used information; whether these consequences are direct or indirect, effective or potential damages or lost; economic or material damages or lost, on material things or data.

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function doesn´t guarantees original documents are available permanently, nor its content or format. It doesn´t assume the responsibility for any error or omission in them.

Actors or re-users’ responsibility.

Actor, persons or entities re-using public sector information are regulated by the legislation in force in these subjects. This legislation includes administrative sanctions foreseen in art 11 of the Law 37/2007 of 16 of November on the Re-Use of Public Sector Information.

Intellectual property rights on designs, logos and images of the Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function Webpage

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function or the bodies belonging to it own the rights on: the web portal design, logos, trademarks and other distinctive sings. Intellectual property rights protect all of them. These rights protect the images and content of this web portal.

Their use, copy, distribution, public communication, transformation or any similar activities are forbidden. The Secretary of State of Public Administrations may authorize explicitly these activities as exceptions to the general prohibition mentioned before. The website users have a license to use this contents; this licence is limited to discharge and use the them for private purposes, as long as the full contents is preserve completely.

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function respects third persons` intellectual rights. If you feel this website does not respect these rights, please contact as through form Webportal).

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function forbids explicitly third persons use of any tool or mechanism to change the design, original configuration or content of its portal.

Personal Data Protection

This website services and mailbox request personal data to users sometimes. These data and information are included in files regulated by the Fundamental Law on Data Protection 15/1999 and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 of December implementing it.

The website´s users can exercise their right to access, correct or cancel their files, in accordance with the specifications for each mailbox or subscription forms.

Usage Statistics of the Website

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function uses Google Analytics. This application installs cookies temporally in the user’s web browser with the sole aim of producing statistical reports, for example on the number of visitors by website, times and days of the visits,…

Websites may install cookies files in users` web browsers. These files register user activities in the website. A cookie application doesn´t identify a person. It is use to identify a combination of computer-web browser-user they are operational for a limited time and are not use to gather personal information.

The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function follows the legal regulation and directives on these subjects of Spain Agency for Data Protection.

This web portal will install the following cookies:

Cookies and Purpose
Cookie Purpose
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More information

You don´t need to accept the installation of these cookies in your web browser to navigate in this website. You may disable these cookies in your web browser.

Legal Framework and Competent Jurisdiction

Spain law regulates any conflict or litigations related to the interpretation of the words of this legal notice. Spain Law regulates any question related to this website portal`s services or content. The Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function and the users of this web portal agree to submit any conflict or litigation related to visit to this portal or use of this web portal services or content to the jurisdiction of Spain Courts and Tribunals; competent in the user’s home address, as long as this home address is located in Spain.