Users Guide to browse the web

The web portal content is as extend as required by the Ministry for Political Territorial and Public Function competences. This explains this web portal`s scope, extension, design, structure and navigation system of this. Its goal is to provide the highest usability and accessibility to users.

We make available a small users guide to browser this web portal. This section explains the organization of the web portal content to users.

This webpage divides its content in the following sections:

  • Ministry
  • Delegations
  • Áreas
  • Services
  • Public Function
  • Press

The Ministry translated the content of the webpage to other languages. There are limited versions of its content in Spain co-official languages: Euskera, Catalonian, Galician and Valencian. There is another version in English.

Users may browse the web portal through the sections of the main menu: Ministry, Delegations, Areas, Services, Press, Public Function, Press; or through the sections highlighted in the start menu: Areas, Directory and Highlights. 

  • Ministry: information on the organization of the Ministry and Access to the contact details of the most relevant units.
    • Minister his: Curriculum Vitae, speeches, statements and photographs galleries.
    • Organisational Chart of the Ministry: bodies and main competences.
    • Directory: contact details of the diverse head offices of the Ministry, Information Offices, Administrative Registry, Ministry´s Mail-box.
    • Ministry bodies: presentation and main functions.
    • Spain Government Delegations in Autonomous Communities; information on Government Delegations, Sub-Delegated Offices as well as Insular Directorates.
  • Áreas: find relevant information related to the Ministry for Finances and Public Administrations.
    • Policy for Autonomous Communities (regions): Cooperation between the State and Autonomous Communities, Legal framework, economic and financial information among others.
    • Policy for Local Entities: Cooperation with local entities, Economic Cooperation with Local Entities, EU Funds, Information System on Local Entities. European Union, International Organizations, Latest News.
    • Civil Service.
    • E-Government.
    • Modernization, Administrative procedures, reduction of administrative burdens
    • IMI System: More on IMI, IMI Coordinators, Documents, Training on IMI, News and Events, Frequently Ask Questions and links.
    • Service Directive.
  • Services: information on the Ministry for Finance and Public Administrations services.
    • Public Employment.
    • Foreigners and Immigration
    • Management and payment of taxes
    • E-Government Services
    • Claims and administrative appeals
    • Public employees` competitions for job positions
    • Economic assistance and funds: economic assistance, subsidies, grants and economic subsidies for goods transportation
    • Public Procurement 
  •   Press
    • Latest news and information related to the Ministry
    • Press calls and releases
    • Multimedia Archive: parliamentary speeches and statements, photographs.
    • Videos with the Minister speeches and statements
  • Site map: find a list of the contents of the webpage to browse.
  •  Search Engine: makes easy access to the content.
  •  Contact details: direct contact service.