International Latin American Foundation for Public Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP)

The International Latin American Foundation for Public Administrations and Public Policies, FIIAPP, goal is to develop initiatives related to the creation, promotion and enhancement of public institutions. Activities connected to Democratic Governance, State Reform and Modernization of Public Administrations. FIIAPP as well performs any other entrusted activities connected to international cooperation. It`s common knowledge, inefficient governance is an obstacle to economic and social development; efficient governance encourages it.

FFIAPP performs a large part of its activities within the framework of Spain`s international cooperation and development policy. FFIIAPP is one instrument of this policy. Other public and private institutions are its instruments as well. FIIAPP has increase its presence in programs design and financed by different international bodies (EU, World Bank, Latin American Development Bank among others) in the last years. This work has enhanced FFIAPP presence in international forums.

FIIAPP in one hand is an instrument of Spain international cooperation policy. It also performs its own independent activities, especially on education and training. FIIAPP design and finances these initiatives.

These foundation objectives among others are listed below:

  • Defends Human Rights and support the State of Law
  • Encourage social participation
  • Institutional development, good governance practices, adequate economic and financial regulatory framework, quality of public policies and fight against corruption.