Latin American Centre for Public Administration and Development (CLAD)

The Latin American Centre for Public Administration and Development CLAD is an international public body. It has intergovernmental nature. Clad was set up in 1972 by initiative of Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

United Nations Assembly recommended its creation (2802 Resolution-XXVI). The idea behind was to set up a regional institution. It`s core objective is the modernization of Public Administrations. Modernization of public administrations is a strategic factor in economic and social development processes.

The CLAD mission is to encourage: analysis, exchange of experiences and knowledge related to state reform and public administrations modernization. This mission is carried out through different activities such as: international meetings specialized on this subjects, publications, document and information services, research and technical cooperation activities of its members and actors from other regions.

CLAD is an international reference on this subjects. It has gain international recognition from Latin American governments. Different international bodies usually request its collaboration. CLAD also develops joint research, institutional enhancement activities with different government´s cooperation institutions, education and research institutions from Europe, United States and Canada.

The Latin American Public Administration for Development Centre (CLAD) takes part in other international organizations initiatives. CLAD as well has the role of permanent technical secretariat of the conference of Latin American Minister for Public Administration and State Reform. This conference takes place in the context of the Latin American Head of State and Government Summits.