Inter- ministerial Commission for Coordination of State General Administration`s Bodies Located in the Autonomous Communities (regions). (CICAPE)

This Commission goal is to coordinate the actions of States General Administration dependencies and bodies located in the Autonomous Communities with ministerial departments.

The Commission competences are the following:

  • Improve coordination of State General Administration bodies situated in the regions, with the distinct Ministries and public bodies.
  • Enhance communications and exchange of information between the State General Administration units working in the regions, Ministries and Public Bodies.
  • Suggest general criteria and basic lines of action to State General Administration`s bodies created in the regions on their institutional relations with other Public Administrations from Spain. (Regions and Local Entities).
  • Competent authorities may request this Commission to issue reports on draft bills or regulations about State General Administration`s administrative units situated in the regions.
  • Establish communication channels for actions and projects developed by State Central Administration`s units in the regions (Autonomous Communities)
  • Other functions needed to achieve the objective of coordination of State General Administration´s units and bodies in the Autonomous Communities.