Agreement of council of ministers of 7 September 2018


The agreement of the council of ministers of 7 september 2018, which declared the valencian community and the municipality of Tui (Pontevedra) "areas severely affected by an emergency" civil protection, as a result of forest fires that occurred during the month of august 2018 and the explosion of detonating material on 23 may, respectively.

In order to alleviate the damage and damage produced, in accordance with article 24 of act no. 17/2015, of 9 july, the national Civil defence, the agreement determines the number of measures to be described,the following, relating to Local economic cooperation:

"Cuarto.daños en infraestruturas municipais and road network of provincial"

The projects implemented by municipalities, county councils, associations and towns and villages in dealing with the activities of reparation or restitution of infrastructure, equipment or installations and services of municipal ownership, including article 25.2 of law 7/85 of 2 april, regulatory Bases del régimen Local, and the road network in the county councils, will be applied the processing of urgency and they may grant a subvention of up to 50 per cent of its cost, excluded from this assistance work carried out with their own local, whether materials, machinery or staff.


Resolution of 10 september 2019, by the secretary of state for Territorial Policy, which approves the convening of subsidies for damage to municipal infrastructure and road network in the county councils, under the fourth subparagraph of the council of ministers on 7 september 2018 to declare the valencian community and the municipality of Tui (Pontevedra) "area severely affected by an emergency civil protection, published in"extract BOE(19/09/2019).

Code Name of indicator (measurement unit) Value
P01 Projects for which funding was requested (number) 0
P02 Effectively projects funded (number) 0
P03 Local entities benefited from subsidies (number) 0
P04 Beneficiaries for subsidies (inhabitants) 0
P05 The amount of subsidy granted (euros) 0 €


(P01)  Número de proyectos que fueron presentados al procedimiento de concesión de las subvenciones.

(P02)  Número de proyectos a los que se les ha asignado financiación (total o parcialmente).

(P03)  Número de entidades locales que poseen uno o más proyectos a los que se ha asignado financiación.

(P04)  Población de los municipios con proyectos financiados. Datos extraídos de las cifras oficiales de población. En caso de que la Diputación Provincial o ente análogo fuera promotor de algún proyecto, se ha computado la población provincial (no incluyendo la de los municipios de esa provincia con proyectos financiados).

(P05) Importe total de las subvenciones asignadas por el Ministerio en el procedimiento.